About us

Experience the Splendour with Jottosafaris!

At Jotto Safaris, we have traveled along an adventurous East African road from Kenya to Tanzania, covering East Africa from top-to-toe.

Our passion is twofold; we love the African continent, and we give brutally honest advice to help you plan the most amazing adventure tour to East Africa. We want you to experience this extraordinary continent, as we have, with its breathtaking scenery, colorful cultures, local cuisine and of course, amazing wildlife.

We are here to profile you and provide first-hand unbiasedpersonalized and knowledgeable service when planning your East African tour. We were all born and raised in East Africa and work closely with our trusted network of operators within the East Africa overland industry. JottoSafafris was started by Tom Wambulwa Wekesa, we have over 10 years consulting experience in East Africa and pride ourselves on having Africa tour guides on our team.

Camping & Conferences

Get a clean and quite located scenery to camp and relax. We offer the best cost-saving packages for a camping site. In addition, we plan conference centers for both local and international visitors in very unique and beautiful hotels

Mountain Trekking

We understand the transformative power of a long journey on foot, and we’ll do everything we can to make your adventure exciting and safe. When it comes to big peaks like Kili, we have the highest success rate of any company. Our guides have led JottoSafaris groups in mountain regions for years.

Hotel Bookings

We offer hotel booking and travel management services. With years of experience in the Kenya and East Africa business accommodation and business travel, we fulfill the needs of the traveller, the booker and the buyer, producing recommendations that result in substantial cost savings.