Car Hire

Safari Vans
Starting from $109.00

* cannot be hired on self drive

Staring from $185.00
In this category only Landcruiser / Landrover
cannot be hired on self drive

Terms and conditions

Saloon cars
from $ 60.00 per day

Med/sized 4WD Vehicles
Starting from $ 80.00 per day

Sazuki Escudo and Vitara, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Pajero


The hirer must be 23 years old and must have a driving license for 3 years unless other wise specified by Jotto safari. Vehicles shall be handed overwith its normal complement of tools, jack, and spare wheels and with no mechanical or body work defects.

Hirer or other drives named in this contract with bona fide driver’s license are responcible for all damages to the vehicle.


Full payment for the period of hire, in addition to minimum deposit of kshs 50,000/= (refundable)


All cars are insured but in all cases the first 25,000/=. Windscreen is not covered by insurance and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

Oil and Water

I accept that it is my sole responsibility at all times to check the oil and water as failure to do so will result in having to pay for any damage caused through neglecting to check these items.

All tour operators hiring out a vehicle shall ensure that all our vehicle are adequately covered by their insurance as our insurance will not cover cars hired out to tour operators for their own use (Ref: motor pool policy).
The speedometer is sealed. If the seal is tampered with legal action and or a minimum of 500 km per day for the days of the hire will be charged.

The period of hire must be specified in the contract, it is an offence to keep the car for more days than stated in the contract unless the company is notified of the extension of the hire period and provided that the company authorizes the extension, otherwise the police will be notified.

The company is not responsible for any repairs over kshs 100/= unless consulted and authorized by company. Please check the condition of the vehicle accepting it, as no claims whatsoever will be entitled regarding the condition of the vehicle afterwards.
Theft of spare wheel tolls etc are the sole responsibility of the hirer


The hirer shall report any accident involving the vehicle to the owner within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident an also to the police or other proper authority within the time prescribed by law.

The hirer shall not without the prior consent of the owner give any instruction for nay repairs to the vehicle or for replacement of any part thereof rendered necessary by the accident.

The owner shall be not be responsible for any expenses incurred i.e. Accommodation, hiring of other transport or delays due to any breakdown or accident.

The owner shall not under any circumstances be liable to make any payment to the hirer in respect of or to indemnify the hirer against any loss, injury or damage sustained by the hirer or by any other third party as a result of any defect there in whether it was caused by or through or due to negligence.