The Indian Ocean & Great Pizza!

Silver Sands BeachThe Indian ocean by day, great Itailian food before cutting-loose on the dance floor, makes for a great holiday.

The watersports are world class as are the restruants and the nightlife will keep you up and out till early in the morning. Not unlike great European resorts areas, the focus here is sea, sun, food and fun.

Around Town

Sports and Recreation – It’s no secret that water sports is the thing to do in Malindi. Windsurfing, snorkeling , water-skiing, deep sea diving, Big game fishing are available from major resort hotels as well as qualified entrepreneurs.

In addition, trips out to the world famous Malindi Marine Park can be arrainged from boatman along the coast each morning to take you out for a day of diving, snorkling, or just for the ride if that’s your taste.

Food and drink

There are no shortage of eating options during you holiday in Malindi. The dinning options range from very cheep Indian style juice and somosa bars to a fine collection of high end restaurants and hotel dining rooms serving world class Italian food and seafood. While in Malindi make sure to try the smoked sailfish. It is to die for and you will not easily find it anywhere else.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Once the sun goes down Malindi awakens into one of Kenya’s best places to party and dance the night away. Affordable Bars , Pubs, Discos and live music venues are in abundance so you should have no reason to turn in early.


Malindi has two main markets for craft shopping. First, the crafts market along the seashore south of old town is the palce to pick up cheep gift items and if you bargain hard they can be cheep indeed. Secondly, for higher quality collectibles you can visit the Malindi Handicarft Co-operative. Here there is no bargaining but you can chat with the carvers and discuss pricing and find carvings of high quality.

For the more estutue collecters there ar a number of shops along Harambee Road were you can purchase (for a price) very high quality items including, lamu silver and Jottoery.