Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Game Park

Underrated and less visited Shimba Hills National Park is well worth a visit for those visiting southern Kenya coast. The park is withen one hour of all the resort Mombassa and all the resort area’s making the park an easy addition to your coast holiday. Visitor’s can go for an enjoyable daylong safari or for the complete experience a nights stay at the Shimba Lodge (tree top hotel) is an experiance not soon forgotten.

he Park

Though preditor sightings are a rare event but an early morning glimps of one of the parks 600 Elephants is more common especialy from the vantage points of Elephant Hill or Sheldrick falls. Hikes are availible to the falls by armed gaurdes and you can even take a swimm at the base of the falls if you like. ostrich, kebra, buffalo, Maasai Girafe have all been introduced and are thriving next to the indigenous herds of sable antelope. These animals are very impressive, large as horses, with big sweeping horns, that are only present at Shimba Hills.

What Shimba Hills lacks in wildlife it make up with wonderfull views in all directions. The seaward views are the most impressive, with Diani beach visible on most days.

Shimba Lodge

A night at the Lodge wonderful way to be submerge yourself into the african night. From the lodges viewing platforms you can watch elephants, wartfogs, , monkeys, occasional leopard and of coarse the sable antelope for which the park is famous. After dark the floodlights illuminate hundreds of bush babies, bats and african insects make for for a fantastic evening not easily found elsewhere.

After your night in the tree’s the Lodge offers the always interesting “sundowner” nature walk, followed by a proper game drive to complete your visit.